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With Swapi you can Reward your customers by allowing redemption of your loyalty currency in our market place, lower your financial loyalty liability and acquire newly engaged customers.

No loyalty program? no problem! Why not add your business to the Swapi Market place or Reward your customer by offering Swapi Points on transactions.

You can work with Swapi in many ways to support your business with customer acquisition and retention.

Talk to us today and see how Swapi can work for your business.


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01. Reward Customers
Allow your customers to Earn & Burn your loyalty points in our system. Save on redemption and avoid points expiry.

02. Join the ecosystem
Add your own products, Promotions
& Gift cards into the Swapi
eco-system. Target and acquire
new customers.

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03. Award Swapi Points Award

‘Swapi Points’ on loyalty or non loyalty transactions when users link their debit or credit card in the Swapi app. Drive traffic to your brand and retain customers